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Help with the synchronised video feature
Each of the Full Interview transcript pages on the Australian Biography Online site makes use of "synchronised video". The left column of the page contains a transcript of the interview, while the right column contains the same interview as a QuickTime video. Moreover, these two elements have been synchronised by providing a link from each question in the transcript to the corresponding point in the video.

Clicking on the highlighted question will play the video from that point in the video. (With some browsers you may have to click twice the first time you use this facility – once to start the video, and once to jump to the correct point in the video.)

To the synchronised video feature to work, you need to have 3 things in place:

  1. QuickTime plug-in (version 4.1 or higher). More info...
  2. Javascript - while this is built-in to most modern browsers, it may not be switched on - check your browser settings/preferences.
  3. A browser which allows Javascript to control the QuickTime plug-in. Once again, the latest version of most popular browsers allow this. You may need to upgrade to the latest version.

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