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Charles "Bud" Tingwell
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Video on this site requires the QuickTime player version 4.1 or higher which is available free of charge. If you don't already have the QuickTime player installed on your computer, you can download QuickTime from here.

Which video size should I use?
Large is recommended for high speed broadband connections.
Medium is recommended for cable modem, DSL and ISDN connections.
Small is recommended for slower connections, e.g. dial-up modems.

How to download video

  1. Click on the small, medium or large link next to the clip(s) of your choice, and wait until the progress bar indicates the video has fully loaded into your browser.
  2. Click on the video clip and from the pop-up menu choose save as QuickTime movie, then click OK.
  3. After downloading, locate the video on your computer, double click on the video file to play the video.

The following clips are available from the Charles "Bud" Tingwell program

“First Role” small medium large
“First Film” small medium large
“London” small medium large
“Crawfords” small medium large
“A Star” small medium large

How to view full screen video
After downloading the video (see instructions 1 to 4 above), from the video player View menu, select Full Screen.

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