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Charles "Bud" Tingwell
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Actor and Director, Born 1923, Sydney NSW, Died 2009

Charles 'Bud' Tingwell is one of Australia's best loved actors. His career began in radio -- as the youngest announcer in Australia -- after winning a role in a serial with Jack Davey. He moved into movies after World War Two, playing the lead in only his second feature. By the age of 30, he was in Hollywood. But his career really took off when he went to London, where he 'accidentally got trapped' for 16 years. The television series Emergency Ward 10, in which he starred, was watched live by half the UK population.

Bud returned to Australia in 1972. As an actor and sometimes director and producer, he has been part of some of Australia's favourite programs including TV series such as Homicide, The Sullivans and Flying Doctors and mini series such as Power Without Glory and All the Rivers Run, in addition to films like Breaker Morant.

In this interview, Bud reveals his attitude to celebrity. He recalls growing up beachside at Coogee in Sydney and his changing family circumstances -- how his father, retrenched from his job, still pretended to go to work every day... and then won the lottery. He remembers his air force service, flying Spitfires, and the extraordinary calm he felt in the face of death. He talks of his marriage to Audrey and how his work helped him cope with her death, with roles in The Castle and Innocence leading to a career resurgence.

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