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Sir Marcus Oliphant
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  • ABC Online "The Science Show"
    Audio excerpts and transcripts from an interview with Sir Marcus Oliphant recorded in 1986, and republished as a tribute to his life in July 2000.
  • University of Adelaide Library
    The University of Adelaide Library collection comprises correspondence, speeches, articles, personal documents and working papers, photographs, newspaper cuttings, awards and degree certificates of Sir Mark Oliphant, and copies of papers by other scientists and academics; also notebooks, reprints and correspondence of Lord Rutherford and articles about him collected by Oliphant for Rutherford Recollections.
  • University of Melbourne, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre
    Bright Sparcs is a register of more than 4,100 people involved in the development of science, technology and medicine in Australia. It includes references to their archival materials and bibliographic resources.


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